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Shanghai, located on the eastern coast of China at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is a vibrant city that serves as a crucial economic, financial, and cultural hub not only for China but also the entire Asia-Pacific region. With its iconic skyline and modern architecture, Shanghai has gained global recognition. As a global financial center, it plays a pivotal role in driving China's economy forward. In Shanghai, traditional Chinese culture beautifully intersects with modern influences, creating a captivating cultural melting pot. The city's rich history is evident in its ancient temples, enchanting gardens, and historic neighborhoods. Furthermore, Shanghai boasts a thriving arts scene, with a plethora of museums, theaters, and music venues that cater to diverse artistic tastes. Getting around Shanghai is a breeze, thanks to its extensive transportation network, including a modern metro system, buses, taxis, and high-speed train connections. The city is well-served by two major airports, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, ensuring easy access to both domestic and international destinations.

The New Bund in Shanghai is a vibrant waterfront district that combines modern architecture, cultural attractions, and recreational spaces. Located along the Huangpu River, it offers stunning views of Shanghai's skyline and serves as a hub for commercial, residential, and entertainment activities. The district has been revitalized with cutting-edge designs, creating a dynamic atmosphere for visitors and locals alike. With its picturesque waterfront promenade and a mix of amenities, the New Bund provides a captivating destination where people can enjoy leisurely walks, immerse themselves in cultural experiences, and embrace the energetic pulse of the city.

The NYU Shanghai New Bund campus is situated in the Qiantan neighborhood of Shanghai's Pudong District, in close proximity to the city's emerging hub of finance, technology, and other important industries. The campus enjoys excellent accessibility, with convenient transportation options such as subway, bus, car, and bicycle, making it easily reachable for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

For any inquiries about the conference, please contact: shanghai.rc28@nyu.edu


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